Consumer Guide for Cool Water Cologne


Cool Water Cologne For Men

Cool Water Cologne For Men

Cool water cologne is enticing from the moment you see the glowing light blue bottle. Cool water cologne is a long-lasting fresh fragrance with hints of musk, lavender, citrus, and sandalwood.



Cool water cologne is one of the most popular men’s cologne on the market. Cool water has been on the shelves since 1998 when Davidoff first launched the sexy, sleek, blue-bottled cologne.  From its introduction by Davidoff, Cool water cologne has become a bestselling cologne year after year. After the successful takeoff of cool water cologne, Davidoff has launched a number of new Cool water products listed below:


·         Cool Water Deep

·         Cool Water Game

·         Cool Water Sea

·         Cool Water Deep Sea

·         Cool Water Wave (For women only)

·         Cool Water Freeze Me

·         Cool Water Frozen

·         Cool Water Happy Summer

·         Cool Water Game Happy Summer

·         Cool Water Summer Fizz

Cool water for men became so popular that Davidoff decided to introduce Cool water women perfume. The Davidoff Cool water perfume was lunched a few years ago and is still available today, but is not nearly as successful as the Cool water for men cologne.

Some of the new Davidoff Cool water accessories include the following:

·         Cool water deodorant

·         Cool water aftershave

·         Cool water spray

·         Cool water shower gel

·         Cool water lotion

Some of the products listed above have become hot sellers, such as the Cool water deodorant. A lot of these Cool water products are bundled items, so when you buy a bottle of Cool water cologne for men it might come with a tester bottle of Cool water aftershave or spray. If you’re looking to buy Cool water products as a gift for someone, we recommend that you buy the Cool water gift set that comes with a lot of the newer accessory products.

Buying Cool Water

Cool water products can easily be found in your local retail stores or malls in the men’s and woman’s fragrances department. You can also check out the Cool water links to the right of this article where you can find online deals and bargains to purchase Cool water products. The price range is $15 for the smaller bottles and $30 for the larger bottles.